Everywhere around us we find energy. It has to be transported from A to B. How would an electricity cable look like if you could see the energy going through? Through a series of manipulations with power and rhythm, Transparent Cable creates a big pink elephant in the room – the attention piece which systematically begs the question; where does energy come from? The visualisation of musac, it is always with us in the room, yet quietly beautiful.

Van Gogh was a man who paid great attention in looking at everyday life in detail. By looking closely at what was there and exposing, not only the beautiful side of life but what really is there.

With this work, we want the visitors also to be involved, pay greater attention and try to come closer to see the reality. To be able to see the beauty of the energy which is natural but is covered by the technological mass we live in. To really feel the energy which is so natural yet technical.

Exhibition runs from April 1 - October 1, 2015.

For more information, visit www.thevincentaffair.nl

In collaboration with Iris van Herpen for Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is a vibrant, living, perpetually renewed homage that evokes Dom Pierre Pérignon, the spiritual father of champagne.

The Power of Creation of Dom Pérignon has moved the audacious creator Iris van Herpen, Dutch fashion designer and creative force. For the occasion of the end-of-year season 2014, she has playfully interpreted the concept of metamorphosis as embodied by the iconic champagne.

This installation has been presented in New York, Paris and London in 2014 to promote Dom Pérignon's Vintage 2004 Champagne.

In collaboration with Iris van Herpen

"Shoes whose very forms are generated by the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion."

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Iris van Herpen's Spring Summer 2015 fashion show in Paris

Magnetic Shoes

Magnetic Belt

Magnetic Choker Necklace

Magnetic Bag